Neck and Back Pain is the second biggest reason to visit a doctor, yet people ignore it. Dr. Meeta Nanda at Orthocure Clinic says, “Most of this can be prevented and treated, that too, non-surgically and without involving any medication or exercises at home”.

Orthocure Clinic at Gurgaon offers specialized Neck and Back pain treatments which have been globally acclaimed for many years and are being offered for the first time in India. Dr. Meeta explains about Unique Neck Pain Treatment:

Q1. What causes neck pain and what are the symptoms?

“Weak muscles” are the root cause of neck pain. When we move our neck, the large muscle group like upper back muscles & shoulder muscles take most of the load leaving core neck muscles in a state of “disuse”.  It can also come from spinal disorders involving tissues of the neck. Symptoms are: Stiff neck making head turning difficult, Soreness in neck or Pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or radiates up into the head.

Q2. What are risk factors to develop neck pain?

  • Past neck injury.
  • Sedentary lifestyle due to a desk job or poor posture.
  • Bending the neck for a long time while cooking, using phone, holding a baby, writing, reading etc.
  • Cervical slipped disc or nerve compression disorders .

Q3. How is treatment at Orthocure Clinic different from others?

Orthocure offers a Comprehensive Neck & Back program with a 2 step protocol. We first reduce the pain by using the Spinal Decompression Machine and, then, strengthen the muscles on the Cervical Medical Exercise Machine, thereby, treating the root cause of the pain.

Q4. What is the Spinal Decompression Machine?

It is the first facility in Gurgaon from the Canadian Decompression and Pain Centers, Canada. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy has computer controlled movements to decompress the spine in a graded manner causing a “vacuum effect” that helps in reducing the compression on the nerves.

Q5. How is strengthening done on Medical Exercise Machine and are there any side effects?

  • In India Orthocure is offering first and only facility of Medical Exercise Machine from USA. It strengthens core muscles by isolating them and restraining the other stronger group of muscles. Computerized testing is another unique feature of this treatment which shows how weak your neck/back muscles are compared to a “normal” adult. Also, there are no side effects as both are non-invasive treatments with no medicines or injections. Patient is under close medical supervision throughout the treatment.