WHILE DRESSING do take care of these things to avoid  Neck and Back Pain.

Bad Moves

  • Avoid unsupported slumping when picking up shoesand reaching into low drawers.
  • Avoid unsupported and/or slumped alignment whiledressing your lower limbs.

Good Moves

  • If you wish to dress while sitting, sit in chairwith a firm seat; if you sit on the edge of the bed, raise it and firm it; upby sitting on the pillow. To put on your shoes and socks, keep your backstraight, bring your foot up to you and cross your legs or place your heel onthe edge of the seat.
  • If you wish to bend over, bend at the hips sothe lower back stays relatively straight and take weight through an arm
  • When dressing while standing, prop back againsta counter or wall to avoid some of the compression and strain of bending over. Attemptto bend your legs up to step into pants or skirt (instead of bending the spineover and down).
  • If you put your shoes and socks on in standing. Bringyour foot up onto a chair bench or the bed and take weight through an arm.
  • During more acute episodes, bending over todress may really aggravate your low back pain; if this is case, try partiallydressing your lower limbs while lying on your back.