1. Exercise

Get off your butt, Exercise is the best Preventive medicine, it reduces the Body fat and act like an anti depressant. Exercise is good for the mental, cardio and bone health.

Although exercises like High intensity interval training and Strength training are in the fashion now a days, but activities like Playing with your kids, Cleaning, Sex and Yoga are also exercises and enough to keep you healthy.

2. Green tea

Green tea is a lean, anti ageing and  natural anti-oxidant. The hormone EGCG present in the green tea increase metabolism, You probably have already heard the goodness qualities of green tea, it is a great antioxidant which, Speeds up the metabolism and helps you stay well toned. Green tea Kills free radicals responsible for cancers and premature ageing. Switch to green tea rather than your regular latte to stay healthy and look good, as it has all the benefits of super food. Green tea bags could be used on eyes to relax the Eyes, help you lose weight.

 3. Meditation


The main goal of mediation is Relaxation, it could be Mantra based, in the shower, or hot bath, no matter how you do it, Mediation takes your personality to another level.

Mediation directly relieves Stress by Leaving behind the stress so you could be with yourself in bliss. Try to stay away from the Facebook, cell phone and other distractions while meditating. Meditation makes you look younger and it is good for every age group.

4. Skin care


The basic goal of your skin care should be ‘Remove, renew, protect, and repeat’.

One should use makeup only when required avoid undue use of Makeup and it is equally important to remove the makeup. Always cleanse your skin regularly, Men also need to cleanse as they have big pores.

Exfoliates with natural stuff, the Hydroxy acid found in the fruit pulps makes them a great source of exfoliation. One can use home and kitchen ingredients like Coconut, avocado oatmeal and coconut milk as they keeps the skin Hydrated and moisturised and also combats the wrinkles and ageing lines.

5. Sleep

Ayurveda has stressed on having adequate sleep as it counts Nidra (Sleep) as a basic needs of life. Proper Rest and sleep, relax and repairs cells and tissues of the body. Sleep has an anti ageing effect and it, regenerate the skin cells. You can use meditation and yoga to make sure you get adequate 8 hours of sleep. Inadequate Sleep makes you look old, you age quicker and faster, the mind doesn’t work clearly, and you are disoriented, all the time. On the other hand adequate sleep makes you feel and look beautiful. You should have a proper sleeping position for good health as inadequate sleep results in stress. Try to sleep at night as sleeping in the day blocks our body (Strotasas) channels.

6. Nutrition

Eat clean, eat healthy year, stay away from the fast food as it makes you age and ill. Eat lean protein ,low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables like  kale ,blueberry which are full of  anti oxidants, high fiber, Vitamin C and A presents in the fruits increases collagen which makes you skin look good keeps your body balanced, lean and fit.

7. Brain games

Brain games keeps the brain active, Mind younger, it challenges the brain so that it continuously evolves and you learn each day. Brain games like Chess, Cross words, Word games and App games on your Smartphone could make a huge difference in your mental health.

8. Laughter

Is one of the best medicine for health. Laughing increases the supply of oxygen and endorphins that makes you feel good, it also promotes growth hormone and has an anti ageing effect. Laughter relieves the stress and could make a huge difference in some stress related diseases like Depression and Hypertension.

9. Water                                    

You are what you eat and drink, but you are water. We are made of water, about 60 percent of our body is H2O, water is anti ageing, dehydration may have bad effects on your kidneys, skin, and it could increase the heart rate. Water is an appetite suppressant, it helps in the lubrication of joints, one should take about 16 cups of water, and more water helps you lose weight. Another great way to have water is by making sure to eat plants and fruits as they are 90% water.

Lemon, cucumber, coconut water is some of the great ingredients to have to keep the body hydrated. Make sure No sodas and artificial drinks as they are High in sodium and calories. The only Drawback of taking water is that you pee more.

10. Sex

Sex can be healthy and it could be a great workout, it helps in losing weight, in a healthy environment, regular sex has many health benefits like it ensures the regulation of hormones, pheromones secreted by sex makes you feel great about yourself and gives you pleasure and burns the calories in a great amount. Sex relieves the Stress, aphrodisiac foods like oysters, chocolate and blueberries have known to get you going in the bed. Sex decreases stress, active sex increases DHEA hormone which is helpful in the protection against heart disease.