Standing under the hot shower and washing your hair may feel amazing but it could be hurting your hair, if not done right.

Who doesn't love a good hair wash? It not only cleanses the hair, but is a great way to feel relaxed and content after a long day. It's almost therapeutic. But while we all know how to wash hair on a daily basis, we often only get the cleansing part right. For hair that feels strong, silky and clean you could try these 10 tips and find out what you're missing every time you’re hair washing. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Oiling is the first step:

Don't underestimate your grandmother's advice about oiling your hair before you wash it - it's a tried and tested method. Massage the oil into your hair 2-3 hours before washing it. Sometimes, we lose essential oils when we shampoo our hair - hair oils help balance this out and also help keep your hair moisturised, strong and untangled. You can try coconut, olive or mustard oil.

2. Brush out your hair:

To increase blood circulation, open up your pores and reduce the buildup of oils in your hair, brush out the knots and tangles before your shower (or even during your shower). This will also help you rinse out your hair easily, before shampooing it. If you do rinse your hair during your shower, be extremely careful - hair is very fragile when it is wet.

3. Rinse:

Your hair needs to be prepped before you start shampooing it. For that, a good rinse it necessary. Use warm water (hot water can dry your hair out) and rinse your hair out thoroughly. Warm water encourages the pores on your scalp to open, loosens accumulated dirt or oily buildup and allows your hair to absorb any oil or conditioner that you've massaged into it.

4. Shampoo your roots:

Want to know how to shampoo hair the right way? First, measure the amount of shampoo in your hand - a coin sized amount for hair above the shoulders, or double if it extends past your shoulders. Then, gently massage it into your roots, avoiding tight circular motions (this can weaken your hair). Make sure to wash the hair at the nape of your neck. Avoid scrubbing your hair - it doesn't clean out the dirt. A gentle massage will do that.

5. Squeeze out the water:

In order to prepare your hair for conditioning, you need to rid your hair of excess water. You can use a towel or your fingers (if you have short hair) to gently shake out the water. If you have long hair, squeeze your hair (not roughly!) from the midsection to the end.

6. Condition with Patience:

Often, not just with shampooing, we think that the faster, the better. However, you need to take time to shampoo and condition your hair. Take a quarter sized dollop of conditioner and smooth it over your hair from midshaft to the tips of your hair. Leave it on for 2-4 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly. It's important to properly remove the conditioner once it has set it. Any excess amount or leftover conditioner can cause a greater buildup of oil in your hair.

7. Use a leave-in conditioner:

If your hair is a little unmanageable, or gets tangled easily, use a leave in conditioner after you have showered and shampooed your hair. It will manage and maintain your hair throughout the day and can be used if you shampoo your hair daily.

8. Use cold water:

For that final rinse, it is essential that you wash your hair out with cold water.

While warm water opens your pores, cold water will keep them shut, sealing the conditioner and essential oils your hair needs. Doing this also helps your hair look shinier!

9. Drying your hair:

This may not seem vital, but it is. After your shower, make sure you shake the excess water out of your hair and untangle it. Wrap it in a towel and let it rest for a few minutes. If you rub your hair too hard after washing it, you could weaken the strands to a great extent.

10. Choose the right shampoo:

This is a very basic, but often overlooked step, in the process of shampooing your hair. It depends on the type of hair you have. For most people, a normal shampoo will work. However, there are some things to keep in mind - for dry hair use a creamy shampoo or if your hair is delicate, choose a protein-based shampoo. Check out Pantene's range of shampoos and conditioners to find your type.

So, pick up your shampoo and conditioner, head to the bathroom and take a long relaxing shower.