It is normal to lose about 30-50 strands of hair in a day. 

Common reasons behind hair fall are:

1) Lack of essential nutrients in the body

2) Improper and unhealthy dietary habits

3) Hormonal imbalance

4) Certain medications & diseases 

5) Dandruff, alopecia and other scalp disorders,

6) Anemia and thyroid issue

7) Increased body heat

8) Stress and tension etc.

stress increases hair fall

9) Use of Hard water to wash hairs

10) Heredity 


1) Use Natural oils such as coconut, almond etc. to massage gently the scalp for countering hair fall.

2) Have more proteins and trace minerals in diet.

3) Start taking Ayurvedic hair nutrition supplement. 

4) Keep stress away & take proper 8 hours calm sleep

5) Get the underlying scalp condition like dandruff treated. 

6) Start 2 spoon cow ghee with milk - empty stomach; it will provide you essential nutrition

7) Use soft water to wash your hairs.(alternate day is limit) 

8) Do regular exercise, yoga, meditation to boost metabolism & reduce stress

9)  Keep your body cool & calm to avoid hair fall

Ayurvedic herbal treatment:

1) Different herbs which stimulates the microcirculation of scalp & provides nutritions.

2) Hairs need calcium to make root stronger & reduce hair fall.

3) NASYA & SHIRODHARA are the two treatments which helps to stop hair fall by maintaining hormonal balance & reduce stress levels .

4) Ayurvedic medicines don't harm or create any adverse effect additionally it corrects metabolism & provides added benefits to health. yes, some time is needed because we are treating it from root to make sure prolong effect.