What is it all about?

  • Resistance training is best and fastest way to build lean, toned muscles and reduce body fat.Read to know more about resistance training tips.
  • It has also been shown to increase bone strength, something older people and middle-aged women (at the risk of osteoporosis), in particular, can benefit from.
  • Besides increasing bone strength, it helps to build muscle that protects the bone from injury.Get more tips to increase muscle mass

Is Resistant training dangerous?

It is not dangerous if you do it with proper supervision and instruction. It’s a safe and effective way to strengthen muscles and to look more toned as well as fit.

Do women get bigger muscles if they do exercises?

It would really be tough for the ladies to build muscles unless they do it vigorously. And also scientifically it is not an easy job because girls produce less testosterone (male hormone) as compared to boys so their muscle builds less likely.

There is one downside to resistance training, the risk of injury from unsafe resistance training. Whether you use machines to do resistance training, or bodyweight exercises like the Push-ups, Squats, or free weights like dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, it’s important to follow safety guidelines, to reduce the risk of injury. So, we have a list of weightlifting safety guidelines, safety tips and some gym etiquette.

Some of these suggestions regarding gym guidelines are provided by the American Academy of Family Physicians, and others we've added from experience.

Safety precautions for weight lifting

  1. Always warm up before lifting with some light cardio and easy sets.
  2. Always stretch after your workout.
  3. Wear shoes with good traction to prevent against slipping
  4. Use a spotter when performing any major lifts, especially pressing exercises that place the weight above you
  5. Find a trainer or workout coach to assist you in learning how to perform each exercise properly.
  6. Set realistic goals for yourself based on your age, gender, physical strength and maturity. Consult a fitness expert.
  7. First master form, then the weight - For any new exercise, go for a lightweight, to ensure you master the form and reduce the risk of injury. Once you master the correct form, you can lift the weights better.
  8. Ensure people are at a safe distance away while making lifting movements.
  9. Don't drop weights violently. They damage equipment and they might bounce and hit someone around.Read more about weight lifting exercises.
  10. Don't stand too close to anyone who is working out. It restricts their movement and can cause injury.

Last but not the least, wear deodorant. Bad smells aren’t motivating for anyone!

So, hit the gym, get fit and be injury free!