Women have been wearing high heel sandals to look good but this fashion fad could give rise to Back and Heel problems.Heel and back problems can occur in men also .This problem in medical terms called "The Painful Heel Syndrome".Women with Progressive age, Arthritis, Overweight women are more prone to this problem.

The heel pain could be different according to the age groups.Young men tend to have Bursitis while older men have Plantar Fasciitis. Due to increased overload on Foot , Stress fracture, and Osteoporosis, heel pain can occur. Besides that,Foot Pain could be due to Nerve damaging Diseases like Diabetes and Peripheral Neuritis.

Below the heel bone, there is a bedding of fat, there lies  some fat in between nervous fibers.In progressing age,the fat layer of the nerves reduces and the nerve fibers deteriorate and because of that the whole weight of the body falls on the heel and heel pain occurs.

The Mainstay of the Heel Pain is Physiotherapy.It uses Hot and Cold Fomentation,Short Wave Diathermy,Strengthening and Mobilizing exercises.

The Patient should follow the dietary advice ,Eat fat-free diet,Should not consume fried and spicy food and Excess Sugar-containing food. If still, the problem persists,medical help should be taken.

Some Useful Tips for Heel Pain

  1. Hot Fomentation For 10 minutes Daily.
  2. Use Pain Reveling Gel,Spray or Cream.
  3. Use Ice Fomentation For 10 minutes after injury.
  4. Exercise for Joint and Heel.
  5. Soak the feet in  warm salt water daily three to four times.
  6. Oil Massage of the feet daily.
  7. Use special footwear with extra padding on a heel. 
  8. Pull the fingers of the feet first inwards than outwards.
  9. For feet, exercise uses the tennis ball.Place the tennis ball under the feet and roll.It increases the blood flow in the feet.
  10. Take Sessions of Acupressure from the expert,it reduces the pain by increasing the blood flow.