Otherwise I hate children playing games on their mobile phone,
instead of going out and play outdoor game. But yesterday after operating a
very challenging spinal Tumor from cervical spine of this girl, Zenab, 13 yr
old, from Iraq, which caused paralysis of her all 4 limbs. Her mother with
burqa round her face always giving that look of utter faith and expectation in
me. And her father, calling me next to God and touching my feet, every now
& then.

But after surgery the next day as i was approaching her room, I
was really nervous & thinking how will she be doing... Will it be total
paralysis, or some recovery or something dramatic improvement.

I entered the room, holding my breath but what i saw to my utter
surprise and happiness was

Zenab playing video game on her phone, using both her hands and
big smile of gratitude and satisfaction on the parents face.

That was probably the first time that i didn't hate a child
playing the game on the phone but loved it....