A balanced diet simplifies your health and regulates your living machinery like no other tool and aid available at your disposal. But do you know that various kinds of food can help you recover from certain health conditions too? This post shall discuss three types of diets to help with three generic health conditions and how your food can become your healer like no other medicine available out there.

Influenzas and Minor Cough & Cold Symptoms

Often, we fall prey to the complications of season change and suffer from viral influenza and more often than not, it comes with cough and cold symptoms and that is never a good sign if you’re looking for a productive day ahead. As stated above, such regular health conditions can be avoided if you eat right, especially the items that prepares your body to resist these symptoms. Including herbs like Tulsi, Ginger and Black Pepper and Ayurvedic Formulations like ChyawanPrash in such days shall not only protect your body from viral infections but boost your resistivity and immunity - something your body needs in such days. In case you’re already affected with influenza, we recommend including turmeric as a key ingredient in all your dietary items. Turmeric helps you heal and builds your immunity against everything that is attacking your body.

Digestion and Bowel Movement Issues

It’s a common disorder affecting millions and zillions while seldom does an equally large number of medications help in such a situation. Reason? Essentially the diet itself! It’s important to eat right and eat healthy while boosting your digestive tract to be potent enough to digest whatever you take in your system. While you must stop with the junk food, it’s important that you include turmeric and pudina/mint to assist your digestive tract. Green vegetables including spinach and bathua helps the body with important roughage intake for a better digestion. Including whole grains like wheat, millet, corn etc. also helps maintain the dietary wholeness as a meal and keeps your stomach full when it is digesting your food in small chunks. Formulations like Triphala Churna and Dr. Vaidya’s Pachak can also be remarkable in improving your bowel movements and digestive health.

Acne and Skin Care Issues

Besides digestion, the topmost concern for Indian youth has been acne and skin care issues and imperatively, both have been interconnected as the skin reflects what you eat. Besides junk and fast food items, deep fried food or heavily spicy items tend to affect your dosha balance and it is always, always important that you avoid these if you’ve been looking for a perfect skin. Except for that, you can include vegetables like bitter gourd, spinach, cucumbers and fresh fruits in your diet to help your skin. Herbs like neem and aloe vera are great fighters against germs and keep your skin free from acne and skin care issues. Turmeric and gram flour are two essential ingredients that go hand in hand for all your skin care worries - both as a dietary element and skin care application. You just cannot go wrong with them as these are natural food items that help you build your immunity and help your body heal. With that, we wrap this up with a hope that you got to know your diet better.