BODY BALANCING

Our musculoskeletal system needs alignment and balancing just like our car. Without regular alignment of wheels the tyres get worn out unevenly.                      

In the same way our joints do get worn out unevenly and once damaged, this is an irreversible process.

So it is very important to keep our system aligned and balanced.

Body balancing helps in realigning and balancing our system.

It essentially involves balancing both


2. SOFT TISSUE MOBILIZATION (muscles, fascia)

A thorough evaluation is done before the process.

-Bony Alignment involves correction of all the joints and the vertebrae using chiropractic adjustor and high velocity thrust manipulations.

-Soft Tissue Release involves fascial manipulation, trigger point release for the tight muscles, which are the reason for restriction in the soft tissues.

The techniques include- AIR -     Active inhibitory stabilization

                                          -MFR-    Myofascial release

                                          -ART -    Active release Technique

                                          -MET-    Muscle Energy Technique

                                          -IASTM-Instrument assisted soft tissue


                                           -TP       -Trigger Point Release

                                          -Therapeutic Massage

A single sitting at regular intervals i.e. once in a month can prevent uneven degeneration of the joints.

An immediate effect is seen and a huge difference in performance is felt.

Specific exercises are given to maintain the effects of the process.

Chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy principles are used in the process.