COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Although this disease is widely prevalent in our country and is emerging as second commonest cause of death in our country, very little public awareness is made for this deadly disease. It is caused due to smoking on large occasions and can affect smokers who were having normal life style even for years and even after quitting smoking for years! In non-smokers COPD, India leads the world, due to vast of pollution, chulla smoking and biomass fuel usage.

The disease can take lives, if not managed on timely interventions. It is a slowly progressive disease which has symptoms of breathlessness, chest congestion and chronic cough production. The disease is diagnosed with a simple handheld device of Spirometer which can detect "lung age" and guide to the treatment of COPD. The treatment options, although limited, can make your lung capacity better if you are using prescribed Inhalers treatment on a very regular basis. The disease may impact your heart, mood status, bones and may lead to a bed-ridden state. Advanced disease behaves worse than even some variety of cancer cases. 

It is important to know that advanced treatment options like home oxygen, BiPAP machines and vaccinations against flu and pneumonia can prolong survival and decrease morbidity of the disease considerably.

On this World COPD day, let us promise for more awareness, early diagnosis of this diseases and say "NO" to tobacco and pollution in every possible way!