Work from Home is the reality of life in the current scenario and we all are unclear about the period it will last for. Staying away from your ergonomically designed workplace and working in a poor work set-up at home can really take a toll on your spine. Here are a few tips to work from home that will ensure you are taking care of your Back and Neck. 

1. Use books or boxes and make a pile on which you can mount your laptop so that the screen is at eye level.

2. Since the laptop’s keyboard will be high if the laptop is raised to meet the eye level, use separate keyboard and mouse. This will ensure that you rest your hands and do not have to stretch your hands causing strain.

3. Sit on a proper chair. It is advisable to use the dining table and chair. Avoid sitting on the bed and working continuously for long hours.

4.  Alternate between standing and seating by making a makeshift standing arrangement for work.

5. Take a break after every 30-40 minutes. Walk around or do some quick stretches.