A relationship where the couple shares all their secrets are considered to be the perfect one. One of the most essential secrets that you must share is about sexual relationships in the past. It comes with various benefits for both. One of the best advantages is the ability of evaluating the risk of  getting affected by a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). 

Telling about your past experiences in front of your other half can make your relationship stronger. Specialists admits that talking about these experiences are better in a relationship which is well established than in short-term relationships.

Here are some of the factors that one should remember before talking about their past sexual experiences:

Think what you are going to talk about

Why do you want to start with this type of conversation? Consider that if you have a desire to know with whom your partner has slept before or a genuine desire to make the relationship stronger.

Focus mainly on the imperative parts

Telling about the numbers, names or any other type of information about the person with whom you have had sexual relationship in the past isn’t needed. It is better to tell about your experiences straightaway.

Talk about your experience

Share with your partner what you like and what you don’t like while having sex. It will help make your sex life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Sexologists advice that both the partners have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to have such a conversation & it is of utmost importance that the conversation does not affect the current relationship of the couple.