According to Ayurveda, 

  • taking wrong diet which is NOT according to the “Ritu” (the season) & 
  • leading a lifestyle which is against the “Prakriti” of a person (various prakriti of a person is categorized as Vaataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj and  Dwandaj in ayurveda) 

are the two main causes for  any disease in our body. 

 Ayurveda believes that a different season of a year aggravates different types of “Doshas” (Vaata, Pitta and Kapha) in human body. So, type of food should be chosen according to the season and body type so that it does not attract and aggravate the related “Doshas” in our body.

A person with Pittaj property is susceptible to diseases such as skin problems, hyper acidity, conjunctivitis, gout etc.

Different Body Types and Dosha aggravation according to the seasons


It has been observed that all types of skin diseases usually appears or aggravates the most in rainy season (Varsha Ritu). According to Ayurveda, rainy season is the time of “Pitta” aggravation because heat accumulated in summer is aggravated in rainy seasons. The property of Pitta Ras is hot in nature. If someone has a predominant pitta dosha, any food which is spicy and hot in nature should be avoided because it aggravates pitta dosha in our body. Vegetarian dishes and salads (uncooked food) are good choice over deep fried food. The following food should be avoided -

  • food rich in garlic and tomato
  • fermented food items such as idli, doshas, Jalebis etc
  • citrus fruits such as orange, lemon,
  • Chinese foods as it usually contains sauces which has vinegar
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol

A person with Pittaj property should also avoid sun bath which will aggravate the Pitta further.