Once we cross our prime sexually active years, our sex life takes a back seat and is often forgotten. We engage in sexual activities not out of excitement but as a ritual to maintain our relationship with our significant others or sexual partners. With time a number of changes may happen to our physical health which can also affect our sex drive and cause a variety of sexual health problems. But these problems are generally ignored. This can cause a loss of self-confidence and ultimately lead to distress in sexual relations.

So is it Time to See a Sexologist?

If you think that recently you have lost interest in any form of sexual activity or are unable to derive pleasure out of it. Or you may experience other sexual health concerns such as the inability to get an erection or sustain it for a desired period of time. You may also experience premature ejaculation, suspicious night discharge or simply an inability to feel sexually aroused. If you experience any of these then you would seek the best sexologists in Delhi.

How Can a Sexologist Help?

Once you consult a sexologist for any of the aforementioned problems you may wish to discuss the issues in depth. The doctor then devises a suitable treatment plan for you. It may include therapy and even couples therapy if your sexual health has been affecting your relationship with your partner. And in some cases, you might also be told to take some medication like basic antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills if your performance is being affected by stress or any other psychological factor.

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