It’s alarming to get more than 60% of clients from Pune city who are suffering from either PCOD/ Thyroid/ Hormonal issues/ Diabetes/ Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

There is a large chunk of the population whose job requires them to sit on a desk for long time periods, due to poor lifestyle and eating pattern they are prone to obesity and metabolic disorders as mentioned previously.

"Grappling with weight management could pose psychological problems and affect not only eating habits but also lead to depression. Long-term stress influences hormones, which control appetite and stimulate metabolism, resulting in insulin release and hunger for more food.

"A majority of the women working in the information technology (IT) and biotechnology (BT) sectors gain weight as they spend 10-12 hours sitting at their terminals (computers) in a controlled environment.

"Most of the 'knowledge workers' admitted during the survey that their walks were confined to going to a restroom or fetching coffee, tea or snacks from the office pantry or cafeteria.

Their work poses a hazard to their health.

Follow simple steps to avoid these and start noticing positive benefits in your overall health:

  • Make sure you walk for 45 mins a day
  • An intense workout for at least 4 days a week
  • Have a habit of meal or crunch diet at an interval of 4 hrs
  • Compensate your diet habit as per your metabolism
  • Keep social gathering to the minimum (once a week)
  • Give importance to having balanced filling breakfast
  • Make sure you include 2 fruits per day in between meals
  • Explore ways which reduce your stress level
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours per day
  • Shodhan- Panchakarma treatment as per season to restore metabolism