Recurrent lid infections can be disturbing to the children as well as the parents.  From a small stye to a full blown cellulitis of the lid with pus formation (suppuration) can occur.  Associated pain, fever and redness of eyes can keep child away from school as well as play.

Infection is acquired through contaminated hands that take bacteria to the eye lids in normal course when the lids are touched or scratching of itchy lids.  It is, of utmost importance, to teach hand hygiene and hand sanitation to children.

Its a reality that infections spread faster during rainy season.  The bacteria survive relatively longer on moist surfaces and warm temperatures.  Humid rainy season provides that opportunity.  Infection may be spread by touching door nobs, school desks, sharing toys, pencils, other objects or even by the handlers and care givers.

A popular myth is that recurrence occurs seven times.  There is no substance in this view.  Some people put overnight saliva on the lids which is an extremely insanitary and horrendous practice, please do not even think of it.  Saliva carries many bacteria and may aggravate the infection.

A small fraction of children with recurrent infections of eye and elsewhere turn out to be pre- Diabetic or Diabetic as well, especially if there is a family history of Diabetes.

Please take opinion of your eye surgeon as systemic antibiotics are required in most cases.  The infection is generally at the root of an eye lash or a gland.  Associated conjunctivitis may require topical drops as well. Dry cold/warm fomentation as an adjunct helps.   

Vital Message:  

  • Good Hand Hygiene (sanitise hands regularly)
  • Good Local Hygiene (rinse eyes in running water before and after going off to sleep)