Why Did My IVF Cycle Fail? What Should I Do Next? 

An unsuccessful IVF is the most devastating condition, it will lead to disappointment, sadness and maybe anger. It is to be mentioned that there are many women with first failed IVF cycle will be successful in a second attempt. 

There are many factors which are responsible for the Failed IVF and there might be some unexplained reasons as well. India IVF Fertility has expertise in the diagnosis of unexplained infertility and diagnosis of unexplained failed IVF. You can consult our experts for the failed IVF. Reasons for failed IVF There are several factors involved in the failed IVF. Age, Quality of embryos, ovarian response, lifestyle etc. are some of the major factors which relate to the failed IVF. 


It is an important factor in predicting IVF success. Age of women is directly responsible for the quality of their eggs, as they get older the quality of their eggs gets reduced and they produce fewer eggs. Generally, this happens at the age of thirties or above, and it keeps declining as they get older, but nowadays, due to the bad lifestyle, the egg quality and egg number got to decline in the age of below 30 years. 

Embryo Quality

The second foremost reason for the Implantation failure is the quality of embryos. Some genetic defects or chromosomal effects might be the reason for the poor embryo quality. In order to diagnose this, PGS or PGD have to be done.

 Ovarian Response

 Poor ovarian reserve (POR) is an important limiting factor for the success of any treatment modality for infertility.  

What should be done after failed IVF?  

The fertility experts will review all your reports and recommends test or medications according to the diagnosis, including the results for ovarian stimulation, egg quality or quantity or embryo development, or transfer of embryos to your uterus. If there is a problem with the egg quality, uterus or embryos, the doctor might recommend with the PGS or PGD to check whether any genetic factors are involved or not. If there is no problem with the egg quality or uterus then there are successful chances for a second IVF cycle.