Whatis unexplained infertility?

Unexplained infertility, as it is self-explanatory, is a diagnosis denoted to the inability to find the cause of infertility even after running various available fertility diagnostic tests. Doctors, in this case, estimate the possibility of a problem behind infertility, but, due to the factors like unavailability of extremely sophisticated and precise tests, the root-cause remains unknown.

Who is responsible?

Infertility have long been eclipsed by the myth that it is prominently a ‘female’s problem,’ which is absurd. Males are equally affected and responsible. It is because the fertility diagnostic tests for men are available only to detect male infertility at a visible and bigger level unlike it is for females; females get all the limelight.

How common is it?

Interestingly, almost 37-58% males are tagged with the ‘unexplained-infertility,' as the cause cannot be ensured.

In men, the infertility cause can be zeroed in on using only the metrics of morphology, motility, sperm count and DNA fragmentation, whereas for females there are examinations available like hysteroscopy, ultrasound, cycle-tracking, cervical position, laparoscopy, basal body temperature and various hormonal tests.  

Overall, over 30% of couples, trying to get their infertility cause detected and taken care of, do not get an explanation for their infertility.

How can it be resolved?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) that involves the fertilization of egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) that involves the assisted transfer of sperms into the uterus, are the usual recommendations for those who have infertility. 

IVF, in a way, can subtly confirm the cause- like, if the fertilization with healthy sperm and egg was successful, but implantation or embryo development could not take place, it may be reasoned out to be a uterine problem which can be focused as such.

However, IVF being a costly process- requiring repeated cycles- can induce substantial financial burden, when the infertility cause is unknown. The puzzle of unexplained infertility can be very much sorted out with Epigenetic testing. This can help unravel the cause without subjecting yourself to over-treatment and financial losses. It involves examining you at a genetic level, after which an effective treatment can be given.