Despite the development of new upcoming hair loss treatment, products, therapies- Why are so many men balding in their 20's?

Premature balding is turning out to be more of a trend than rarity. And the way we live our lives has more to do with it than genes.

American study says two third of men face hair loss by age of 35 in current scenario, and a bad genetic hand is often to blame. Men are progressing towards baldness as early as in their 20's and that s leap from our fathers generation that hoped to walk into their 40's with a full crop of hair. 
Is heredity (genes) the only reason??

Though hereditary (genetic) reason is one of the major factor behind balding . But, these genes don't kick so early in life. Research says male pattern baldness due to genetic factor starts by the age of 40.

In present world, there are lot many other reasons, that accelerate permanent loss of hair. Four main enemies are stress, poor nutrition, pollution and vices.

First and foremost is:

  1. STRESS: Mental and physical stress levels are rising day by day n people are not able to cope up with level of stress these days. It can cause hair fall, thinning, impair growth of follicles . While genetic plays a key role in balding, a stressful lifestyle can play a havoc.
    But, this is in our control. Opt for stress management techniques. Indulge in morning walk, yoga, dancing etc.
  2. IMPROPER DIET: Bad diet, junk food, food faddism is responsible for thinning. This causes lack of essential nutrients in body.
    We are all we eat, drink, breathe- everything you do can affect you hair follicles directly or indirectly.
  3. SMOKING: Smoking causes oxygen deprivation in body n indirectly damages hair follicle . Also, nicotine hampers blood flow n retard growth of follicle.
    Alcohol intake also affects hair follicles. Moderate alcohol intake does not damage much but regular guzzlers are at risk. Alcohol decreases iron and zinc absorption, causes dehydration . And hair is almost water, so excessive alcohol intake will leave it brittle.
  4. LIFE STYLE: Undisciplined life, lack of sleep triggers hormonal changes in male body . These hormone cause suppression of hair follicle.
  5. CHEMICAL EXPOSURE: Use of excess hair care products, styling treatment, straightening, too much shampooing can weaken hair shaft.

So, even though genetic is not in our control. The silver lining is that we can control above factors and delay balding. Understand your body, what signal body is trying to give you.

Live a healthy life!