I find patients coming into my OPD with the most commonly asked question what is the cost, hospital x or y is doing it at a much cheaper price, quality and standards of equipment come at a price which is available at the place I operate):

1. Laminar airflow, stainless operation theatre suites.

2. Spacesuit ventilation systems for surgeons and assistants - which significantly decrease the chance of contamination of wounds and infection (this is not available in most hospitals).

3. Exclusive theatres for joint replacement surgeries which is possible only in few hospitals in Bangalore (wherein I operate is one among them).

4. Trained personnel in the Operation Theatre.

5. Back up in the theatre for plan b - with regards to implants and issues which we face on table( only available at high volume centres)

6. An excellent backup team of ICU doctors, anaesthetists, intensivists, pulmonologists, cardiologist, physicians and physiotherapist - which is critical when operating these surgeries.

7. Most importantly the cost and quality of Implant with a wide range of pricing (Indian made being cheaper) these are never told by many.

So it's important that one understands the cost which comes with quality health care, in comparison to any country costs of joint replacement in India are hardly 1/5 or even lower.

What I advise my patients is to not compromise with the hospital's standards regarding the quality, when it comes to these surgeries as cleanliness, quality of operation theatre and asepsis matters the most. 

You may save a little but it will always come with risks. 

Patients shouldn't choose their treatment because it is cheap, but because it is good.