A common question that I get almost every day is "Doc, which is the best toothpaste?" Well, let me give you a couple of facts on toothpaste. There are three really big concepts.

  1. How abrasive is the toothpaste? 
  2. What are the chemicals used in that toothpaste?
  3. Does it have the ability to remineralize?

Staying away from whitening toothpaste is important. The way they whiten is actually by abrading the tooth. So what are some things to look for when shopping for the best toothpaste for you?

  1. Based on your risk for cavities: Choose toothpaste that prevents (perhaps even reverse) decay. The best toothpastes for preventing cavities are those that help strengthen and remineralize (regrow) enamel. Basically, these kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride.
  2. Based on the sensitivity of the tooth: Choose a sensitivity toothpaste based on your dentist recommendation.
  3. Based on the risk of calculus and plaque deposits: Choose a toothpaste which prevents the formation of deposits.

 Hope so this helps you all to choose a better toothpaste for yourself.