When it comes to a fast food meal choice, pizzas and burgers tops the list. They are the most common and one of the most favorite across the globe. They are available in different varieties and sizes to serve all kinds of taste buds and levels of appetite. People often substitute their major meals with pizzas or burgers. In a growing health conscious world, we are always looking for healthier choices. So let’s compare the nutrition facts of pizza and burger and find out which is a healthier choice.

Total Calories 

2 slices of a regular crust cheese pizza has about 480 calories, whereas a regular, single patty cheese burger contains about 350 calories. Clearly both are high calorie foods but 2 slices pizza are slightly higher in calories than a regular burger. Let’s find out more about the nutrition they contain -


2 pizza slices contain 61 gram of carbohydrates whereas a burger contains 28 gram of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates present in pizzas and burgers are refined sugars. As refined sugars lack fiber, they do not keep the stomach filled for longer leading to untimely cravings, feeling of fatigue and loss of energy.Read to get more information on Importance of high fiber foods.


2 pizza slices contain 18 gram of total fat out of which 8 gram is the harmful saturated fat. On the other hand, a burger contains 19.8 gram of total fat, out of which 9.2 comes from saturated fat. Although low in total calories, a burger is higher in fat content than pizza slices. Regular intake of food rich in fats can lead to obesity increasing risk of lifestyle diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes and hypertension.


2 pizza slices contain 42 mg of cholesterol whereas a burger contains 52 mg of cholesterol. Clearly burger is a high cholesterol meal choice. High blood cholesterol levels can lead to plaque buildup in arteries which can increase the risk of heart diseases.Get more information on 7 cholesterol lowering foods to stay healthy.


2 pizza slices contain 924 mg of sodium, whereas a burger contains 976 mg of sodium. Recommended sodium content in a food product for it to be a healthy choice is about 140 mg or less. Clearly both pizza slices and burger are too high on the sodium content.

Nutritionally, both pizza and burger has not much to offer in terms of health to the body. Both are high in fat and sodium. These are harmful for the heart and add inches to your belly. Comparing the two, we can say that a burger is high in fat, cholesterol and sodium whereas a serving of pizza (2 slices) is calorie rich and high in carbohydrates.