Are you in your prime reproductive years and still experience the embarrassing teenage night discharge? According to professional sexologists this is a completely normal thing. Night discharge or nocturnal emissions is a perfectly healthy and normal thing to happen in case of a male of a reproductive age. Having said that, sometimes Night Discharge can be concerning and might require medical treatment.

Causes and Treatment

Certain aspects of a man’s sexual activities can influence nocturnal emissions. For example, if there has been a decline in your sexual activities during the last few weeks then you are more likely to experience frequent nocturnal discharge. On the other hand, if the sexual activities have increased over last few weeks, you will experience a decline in the nocturnal emissions incidents. But if your sexual activities have been consistent over a long period of time then other factors such as lifestyle changes, stress, exercise, food intake or certain medications like antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and some hormone treatments may also cause semen leakage. If there has been a recent change in your medication, then you should consult your general physician who will then refer you to a sexologist if he suspects anything that might be concerning. You can also ask your doctor to try different medications that might help you with the frequent nocturnal discharge. 

If the discharge is painful then there might be a possibility of bacterial infection which will require immediate medical attention. Generally bacterial infections resolve within a week or so after your doctor puts you on an antibiotic course.

There is a lot of taboo and embarrassment around nocturnal emissions even though it very common. Some cultures believe that semen leakage leads to a loss of an important energy. This can cause significant anxiety, distress, and frustration. But there are a lot of studies which show that behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and improved understanding of normal sexuality and function can all help to improve this outlook.