As a healthy teenager and a young adult all men have experienced night emissions, this makes the phenomenon of night emissions very common and to a certain extent its even healthy. But once you enter your adult life, or are in your middle age this phenomenon becomes less common and if happens regularly it is a cause for concern and you should go for immediate medical attention. You might also experience a painful Night Discharge or a bloody discharge which means that you might have some infection which requires immediate treatment otherwise there is a possibility of it spreading to your kidneys. 

Causes for Night Discharge-

·        Side effects of medications

·        Lifestyle changes

·        Inability to get a satisfying sexual life

·        Diseases affecting the nervous system and controls can cause repeated incidents of Night Discharge

·        Old age

·        Bacterial infections

All of these might seem scary and very concerning, and indeed they are concerning but with medical attention and help on time all of these are treatable. The treatment available for Night Discharge is generally very simple. Your general Physician will change your medicine and advise you to go for slow lifestyle changes so that your body can get used to it.

Sometimes it is also caused due to diseases which affect your nervous system, in this case you need to counter the symptoms of your disease and go for regular follow ups and never miss your medication.

If you experience a bloody or a painful discharge and painful urination, then it can be a bacterial infection and can be solved by taking antibiotics and follow up with your doctor.

All the underlying causes for Night Discharge are very treatable, the only catch here is to get help in time and make sure that you don’t let anything unusual just pass by.