Parents get concerned even at the slightest matters related to their kids and it is totally justified. And when it’s the matter of their health, these concerns increase, often leaving parents confused on what to do next.

Dr. Neha Bansal, paediatrician at Bansal Global Hospital confirms that most toddler and teenage parents are worried about their children’s weight. While obesity is a leading problem in today’s age, there is no dearth of underweight children as well.

Dr. Neha says that the most common mistake parents make in increasing their children’s weight is to feed them anything and everything. They even start giving them junk food in order to increase weight. But the point is not to make them sick as it might result in. Increasing weight is important for such children, but it is as important to increase it with nutritious food.

So, randomly don’t  feed your child. Consult a paediatrician, and if recommended by her, a good dietician. They will give you a diet chart making sure all minerals and nutrition go in proper proportion in your child’s body.

Include fruits like bananas, citrus fruits, and dry fruits in their diet. Milk and eggs should be regularly given to the kids as well.

Besides, every child has different needs as per their height, weight, and age. So, if your child is underweight, the best start is by visiting a doctor.