Health is the major primary concern across the globe. Every country tries the best to stay updated to fight against any health issue. But what happens when the crisis is unpredictable and uncontrollable, as it appears today? It gets into our mind as prime insecurity. This is what every global citizen is going through due to COVID-19, at present. The major insecurities that we are encountering are stemming from isolation. This is something we cannot avoid at this point in time because we need to socially distant ourselves for our own and others’ safety.

Social distancing is a primary need at this point. But this may affect our state of mind, as human beings are social animals. We need interaction. It is a part of our lifestyle. But now that it has come to a halt, it is likely to affect us adversely. Mostly for people who do not depend on social networking, they may face a significant amount of loneliness. Such loneliness can lead to harboring insecurities like fear of exposure to COVID-19, fear of death, being hopeless and helpless, and so on. Whenever we start feeling insecure, our thought process becomes irrational and we start overthinking. Such a process can cause severe stress and sometimes to such an extent that one may feel panicky.

Reach out for hope and confidence. Mental health professionals are available for online consultations. Approaching them at this point in time, talking to them and seeking advice would be an ideal way to combat the insecurities. This can ensure hope, faith in self and confidence. It will also make us less stressed and worried.