Milk alone is sufficient for the first 6 months. Water also is not required. However in extreme summers of India, baby may lose a lot of water through skin. The baby will feel thirsty and will not be satisfied by milk. Free water has to be added in this situation. There is no rational in giving sugar water to the baby. 

Weaning: It is started at age of 6 months when liquids other than mother's breast milk (e.g. juices, soups) and semi-solid foods (e.g. dal, rice) are introduced in the baby’s diet. Of course, he still consumes milk, but as he starts consuming more of other foods, his milk consumption gradually decreases. At 6 months, the baby is offered food that he can eat without having to chew it.  

You can give dal, juices, soups, mashed rice,mashed potatoes, soft boiled egg yolk etc. Egg white should be introduced at the age of 8 months as early introduction can lead to allergy. Ideally, the baby’s weaning should be started with some form of cereal (e.g. rice or wheat). By the age of 7 months, the baby can take vegetables and by 8 months, fruits. It is better to start with vegetables first to reduce a tendency to develop a taste for sweets. By 9 months, minced meat,mashed beans and lentils (peas) can be given. Between 1-2 years, the child usually takes a mixed food diet and eats just like an adult member.  

Caution: If there is family history of allergy (e.g. skin allergies,bronchial asthma, nasal allergy), it is recommended that cow’s milk be given only after 1 year of age.