The average age of reaching menopause ranges anywhere between 45 to 55 for Indian women. Menopause brings along several problems with itself which and the number of women in India who ignore it for normal is alarming.

The post-menopause period is the most challenging as internal changes occur and the ageing body isn’t able to cope with them normally. It’s at this stage that post-menopausal counselling and check-ups are highly recommended.

Visiting a post-menopausal clinic helps you learn about the process more clearly and accepting the changes while working on mitigating the uncomfortable symptoms.

It is not only the reproductive organs that are affected due to menopause. Menopause is a sign that your body is ageing. Your bone health, overall immunity, everything is at stake so it is definitely something which you shouldn’t ignore as normal.

Younger individuals (children/grandchildren) should encourage elder females of the family to go for normal regular check-ups and post-menopausal clinic (for menopause counselling) to promote healthy living.