If you are suffering with Asthma, then this will be useful for you, and if you are not an asthmatic this is very important for you.

SMOG, a choking combination of Smoke and fog!

It is not only harmful but can cause major respiratory distress to people who are Asthmatic and also too people who are not asthmatic. Smog is combination of many gases like Carbon Monoxide,Sulphur dioxide,Nitrogen etc.Many volatile particles resulted after burning of crackers during Diwali in India also adds to the Smog.

When we are exposed to the Smog for long hours, we may suffer with following:

  1. It starts with Throat irritation,congestion,pain.
  2. Formation of Phlegm (Sputum) in throat.
  3. Irritation in nostrils.Mucus drips down from nose to throat.
  4. Breathing difficulty.
  5. Cough bouts at small intervals which irritates the bronchioles.
  6. Gradually choking and breathlessness develops.
  7. Burning in eyes and watery discharge.
  8. Phlegm difficult to expectorate.
  9. Asthmatic patients may require inhalers,nebulisations more frequently.
  10. Coughing with Shortness of breath.(Can hear wheezing sound in chest)

What to do during this season?

The best way to protect yourself from post effect of Smog is:

  1. Do not open glass windows of Cars/buses when you are travelling. Advise your children not to open windows of school bus.
  2. It is better to cover your nose and mouth with a comfortable mask or soft cloth which is easy to breath.Before you buy a mask, wear it and check if you can breath comfortably.
  3. Do not open doors and windows early mornings believing that you will get fresh air.
  4. Switch on AC when in cars/office/home at comfortable temperature. With changing climate the cooling should be kept at moderation else chances of catching Cough/Cold will be high.
  5. Carry a drinking water bottle with you always. Keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Do not exercise/jog in open areas early hours of morning or evening.
  7. Its better to have indoor plants which will purify your home/office/school naturally than commercial air purifiers.
  8. Consult a doctor in case you suffer with choking sensation or breathlessness.
  9. Boil 7 to10 Tulsi leaves in water and drink early morning. It will help in fighting the ailment and builds immunity.
  10. Homoeopathic medicine: Pothos 200 is a of great use in allergies due to smoke, dust, changing climate. Five to six pills 3 times a day for 7 days will provide relief to the patients suffering with above symptoms. Tuberculinum 1M one dose only (Not to be repeated.) Tuberculinum 1M one dose to be taken on 3rd day and maintain a gap of 3 hours from Pothos 200.

Important Note: Do not self medicate with Pothos 200 and Tuberculinum 1M for more than 7 days. Consult your registered Homoeopathic physician for same. The selection of remedy is based on clinical experience, individual results may vary from person to person.