What is a psychiatric disorder?

What is a psychiatric disorder? Well, a psychiatric disorder encompasses a wide range of mental and emotional disturbances. Psychiatric disorders can hamper the performance of the person, depending on their severity.

Psychiatric disorders can result from congenital predisposition, prolonged severe stress, impact on the brain, or from a major accident impacting the brain functioning. The intensity and impact of psychiatric disorders differs from person to person, but as a rule of thumb, the earlier the symptoms are detected and counselling/psychotherapy started, the better the prognosis. 

There are a lot of knowledge resources online where one can get free advice on Psychiatric disorders, or even ask a Psychiatrist a question online for free. These online resources or message boards help in understanding the course and prognosis of the disorder, and to assess the next step where consultation with a Psychiatrist is required. 

Common Psychiatric disorders include depression, dementia, schizophrenia, and alcohol addiction along with other addictions. 

There are psychiatrists in Delhi who offer free online consulting as a way to give back to society. On their websites, they have a "Ask a question" section, through which anyone can ask a question and get mental health advice. Additionally, there are a lot of expert doctors who treat mental illness in Delhi either through community service, through hospitals or even through their own private clinics.

So, with an expert psychiatrist's help, a person with a Psychiatric disorder can be managed.