It is quite often that we come across the term sexology. Given that sexology is considered a taboo topic to discuss –we all prefer not discussing it. What’s more? Most people try to keep the sexual health confined within the walls of their bedroom. However, this might not be the right approach. Avoiding discussions regarding sexual health problems will only increase them. It is advisable to meet a sexologist when you are facing from sexual problems. Thus, it becomes important to know about the sexologist.

Before that, it is all the more important to understand what sexology is and how it impacts your life.

What all does sexology include?

In the most easiest ways, sexology can be described as a scientific study that involves study about human sexuality including function, behavior and sexual interests. People who qualify and get trained to become a sexologist are usually from fields such as epidemiology,criminology, psychology and medicine etc. the syllabus, although is vast,usually comprise of topics such as sexuality among elders, sexual activities,atypical sexual interest, sexual development, child sexuality, puberty and paraphilia, among many others.

Further, it also discusses sexuality among those who are physically or mentally disabled or challenged. Sexologist are the practitioners who help in curing disorders and dysfunctions such as paedophilia, erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia, to name a few. So, in case you are suffering from any of these health issues then the first thing you need to do is look for a sexologist who can make the right and correct diagnose so that you can get the most effective treatment for the condition.