Cervical pain is not uncommon in this era and decade. People have started complaining of cervical pain and stiffness from a very young age. Many a times, cervical pain radiates to arm or head leading to more discomfort and interrupt in daily activities.

We discussed it with our experts and our specialists note down the following to be the most expected causes of cervical pain in the current generation:

Prolonged use of smart phone

Cervical posture can change drastically if cell phone is used for longer period of time. Staring at phones or other screens like computer can cause abnormal posture of neck that leads to shortening of muscles with time. Maintaining a good posture can help in relieving neck pain to a certain extent.

Using high pillow

Using high pillow can elevate the head while lying which puts an abnormal stress on neck muscle and these muscles are not able to relax properly. Many people start complaining of difficulty in sleeping because of tensed muscle. Using a thin pillow maintains normal alignment of spine and ensures relaxation.

Lack of exercise

Muscles of neck can become weak with time due to less physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercising neck muscles can avoid many problems like weakening and shortening of muscle. Muscles are responsible for holding vertebral bodies in places, if muscles are weak; the vertebral bodies can collapse causing nerve impingement.

Simple lifestyle changes can help in reducing cervical pain. If pain persists consult your doctor who can help in ruling out your problem.