Loss of interest is a condition in which the curiosity behind knowing or doing something gets restricted. Say! for a young kid, when he is having fever, he does not wishes to go for play even after being insisted by his fellow friends. Well, such a loss of interest is temporary and the child definitely joins the group after getting okay.

However the same loss of interest can be of great concern when it is associated with mental health or illness because much of our mental status can be understood by focusing on our interests.

Be it any kind of mental issue, loss of interest is one of the best symptoms that can be identified in the form of- avoiding it, isolating self, performing poorly, etc by an individual.

So what can be the possible cause behind such a loss? Research and practice in mental health and illness mentioned that loss of interest can arise due to no particular reason. It can be anything. It can be:

  • Physical environmental change: sudden transfer, shifting of house or school or college, migration.
  • Relationship issues: breakup, divorce, death of a family member or a spouse, misunderstanding etc
  • Constant poor performance in academics or work even after effective hardworking and so on......

So, these are few reasons broadly classified and can vary as well as can include as many as other issues. Some can be person specific and some can be situational.

 Such a loss of interest is very essential to be addressed. Thus on time if they are identified, they can be dealt effectively.