Weight loss is one of those things which are in everybody’s mind and as the day’s progress – it gets harder to keep up with your daily hectic schedule. As the pressure of everyday life takes over, you all forget the goals you usually set for yourselves as far as reducing weight is concerned.

Nutritionist Avni Kaul says any given time is correct to set weight loss goals and to prepare a diet chart and a workout regime that will lead to positive results. If one gets into a habit of following a healthy diet, then it makes the job of losing weight lot easier, as diet is more vital than exercise when it comes to weight loss.So, even if one misses a workout for a few days, your healthy diet ensures that you do not consume excessive calories and derail your weight loss target. It only takes a minor effort in changing your diet and you can easily reach your fitness goals.

When it comes to weight loss, it is essential to include more foods in your diet that assist stabilize your blood sugar levels, keep away hunger pangs and makes you full for longer. To keep hunger pangs under control, healthy carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods are simply the best such as whole grains. A whole grain is a nutritional, unprocessed food grain that has all 3 parts of a kernel, including the bran, germ and the endosperm. Whole grains are healthier as they have the fiber-rich bran.

Barley (Jau)

The age-old grain of barley or Jau is available in the form of flour and can be cooked and included in items like warm salads or could be accompanied by stir-fried vegetables. It is better to select for the hulled barley, as it is the unprocessed, a nutritionally a richer counterpart of the pearl barley that is made by removing the husk and the bran.

Brown Rice 

If you have decided to give up on starch and lose weight, then brown rice is one such grain that you should include in your diet. It contains complex carbohydrates, as well as phytic acid and polyphenols, all of them make brown rice a potent force against erratic blood sugar levels. It is high in fiber and can improve digestion as well.

Finger Millets (Ragi)

Finger millets or Ragi is greatly used to make rotis, paranthas and also, dosas. It is a gluten-free grain that is highly placed in the world of nutrition, due to its well know benefits against diabetes and anemia. Ragi is also high in vitamin D as well as calcium, which makes it good for the skin and bones.


One of the finest protein-rich whole grains for weight reduction is quinoa. A 100 grams portion of the grain contains 14 grams of proteins, as well as 7 grams of fiber. Cooked quinoa can be included in salads and consumed with stir-fried vegetables. It is cholesterol-free food grain having a low glycaemic index and is preferred by people who look to build muscles and slim down.

Buckwheat (Kuttu)

Kuttu ka Atta, or buckwheat flour, is highly used during fasting festivals like Navratri, but it is good for weight loss too. The nutty gluten-free whole grain kuttu ka Atta can be turned into rotis. It has large amounts of fiber and can also increase levels of energy. It is filled in calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C as well as other vital vitamins and minerals.

Besides including these food grains in your weight loss program, you must also include high-fiber cruciferous vegetables as well as high-fiber fruits in your diet too. Ensure you cook your vegetables in order to get the maximum nutrition from then. Eating whole fruits is better than having fruit juices if you want to lose weight. You should include healthy vegetables, fruits, cereals and other foods that fulfill your nutritional needs.