In simple words, Meningitis is inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes, typically caused by an infection. Not all forms of meningitis are preventable, but there are few steps that can lower the chances of catching a range of other bacteria and viruses as well as reducing risks of getting infected with this condition.

Hand Washing

Hand Hygiene can slow down the spread of viral meningitis. One must wash hands properly as often as reasonably possible like after using the restroom, being in crowded public places or touching animals. One must follow the 8 steps of hand washing technique.

Be Alert      

One must avoid the contact with fluids as meningitis spreads through secretions rather than air.


Vaccination to meningitis helps to prevent the disease attack in all the ages. Bacterial meningitis can be prevented with the vaccinations.

Healthy body            

Strong immune system of a body helps to keep the infection away. One must try to maintain physical health via healthy diet, habits, weight management, exercises, yoga and other ways to strengthen the body. Diabetes is an extremely important and common condition amongst the Indian population. Diabetics are more likely to fall prey to this condition


Cleanliness at house must be thoroughly maintained. House must be protected from external and internal disease causing agents. Good sanitizing agents in kitchen, house floors, bathrooms and other places must be used to prevent spread of meningitis.


One must visit a doctor if any of the signs & symptoms of meningitis are present. Few symptoms of meningitis include severe headache, nuchal rigidity, sudden high fever, and altered mental status.

Take some Supplements

 Vitamins like A, C, D and E   can help in maintaining good health. The risk of developing inflammation around the brain and spinal cord can be reduced by intake of these essential elements.