Weight gain is a notorious virus that can plague people of any age bracket anywhere in the world.  There’s but one way to tame its notoriety: alongside your diet, you need to deal with lifestyle changes with deft hands. Make those little tweaks to your schedule where you wake up an hour early to exercise and kick start  your day with a healthy breakfast and where you drink water (like plenty of it) to keep weight gain at bay.

No. Water is not a magic bullet that dissolves in your body and helps you shed those extra pounds. But that is not to undermine the crucial role of water in weight loss in any way. Water is a bewildering fluid with no calories that keeps you hydrated and satisfied.

Here are some wonders that water can do to boost up your weight loss.

Kick starting you day with a glass of water.

Right after you wake up; treat yourself to a glass of water. It works as a flush for your body, draining it of the toxins accumulated overnight. To rev up your weight loss, begin your day with a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze half a lemon in it.

Drink water prior to all your meals.

There goes an innocent trick you could pull on yourself to manage your portions.  Water acts as a suppressant for your appetite. How effortlessly it curbs down the amount of food you will now eat for your meal!

Drink plenty of water to rev up your metabolism.

Dehydration is a devilish foe while you are on weight loss. Without sufficient water, your body ceases to function normally.  It slows down the body metabolism. Now that your body has gotten a little indolent, it does not burn as many calories as it was supposed to.

Drinking water keeps you full.

It’s a funny thing the brain does at times. It mixes up the thirst signals with the hunger ones. So sometimes your oddly timed hunger pang is actually a cue for you to drink more water.  For such times you could keep a water bottle nearby instead of snacking up on whatever is at hand.

Replace your soft drinks and sodas with plain water.

Water is a bewildering fluid totally capable in itself of quenching thirst and keeping you hydrated, and that too at zero calorie consumption. Now is the time to make that slight yet significant tweak in your lifestyle that we had talked about. Replacing your sugar-saturated sodas and soft drinks with water is a significant way of jumpstarting losing weight.

Drinking enough water takes care of your overall health.

Water is the conveyer of body fluid. It helps to balance the fluids and eases the passage for them as they flow from one end to another inside your body. These fluids are responsible for several vital body functions like absorption, circulation digestion, and movement of bowel and maintenance of body temperature.

To sum it up, the list of benefits of water in losing and managing weight is somewhat exhaustive. Moreover, it generously contributes to an overall well-being and paves the way for a much more beautiful, effervescent, youthful you.

So, drink up fellas. Bottoms up!