Types of cataract surgery 

A. Manual

B. Phecoemulsification 

C. Femtosecond Laser

A) Manual cataract ECCE: which NEEDS SUTURE FOR WOUND CLOSURE. It is important and must have skilled by every eye surgeon, when phonosurgery meet with complication needs to convert in ECCE to avoid further complication.In certain cases like thin sclera, traumatic subluxated cataract this is preferred method. Recovery period is longer.SICS: MANUAL BUT SUTURELESS CATARACT SURGERY. Most commonly preferred in mass surgery in camps. All type of cataract surgeries can be done by this method. Local anesthesia needed.Incision is made through scleral tunnel of size of 7mm to 10mm according to size of nucleus and entered anterior chamber and nucleus removed. Hard lenses implanted into capsular bag.

B) Phecoemulsification: This is modern and preferred type of cataract surgery, incision is very small 2.2 mm, foldable intraocular lenses inserted after emulsification of nucleus by phecomachine.It is bloodless surgery and it can be done under topical anesthesia which gives immediate recovery, preserved eye movements. Early resume of work possible.Being bloodless surgery, mostly now a days blood thinner are continued in cases having ischemic heart disease & stroke.

C) FEMTOSECOND LASER: It is latest development in cataract surgery where rhexis cataract removal is with use of femtosecond lasers, it is more precise and accurate if enough expertise. But cost factor only concern.