Treatment options

The patient with varicose veins obviously wants to know about the treatment and management options that are available at Varicose Veins Clinic. The management depends upon the stage of the varicose veins and therefor all patients do not require EVLT. The various management options are briefly outlined here. 

We perform EVLT & Foam sclerotherapy at our clinic.

We do not perform surgical procedures for the treatment of varicose veins.

In some cases, the veins are not treated at all and are best left alone. Other choices are the use of support stockings, injection treatment and laser treatment.

No Treatment

If you have only very mild varicose veins that give little, if any, trouble, your doctor will usually advise you to leave well alone. Varicose veins do not suddenly become much worse, and minor degrees of swollen veins are not subject to the various complications. Lifestyle modifications, exercise and follow up with your doctor, is all that is required.

Elastic Stockings

The veins in your legs can be supported and compressed by elastic stockings, but these will not by themselves cure varicose veins.The stockings are, however, extremely useful in a number of categories.

They are very helpful to elderly patients whose general health is not good enough for even the safe and fairly minor treatments used to cure varicose veins.The stockings are also useful in giving temporary relief to very overweight patients while they slim themselves down in preparation for more specific treatment.

Support stockings are very valuable for the management of varicose veins during pregnancy.

Compression stockings are available at our clinic.

Micro foam sclerotherapy

An injection of an irritant solution will be given into penetrating, or communicating veins, called the perforators, which will set up an intense but controlled inflammation.The idea is that the body's defence and healing mechanism will immediately start to close off the blow-out by the creation of scar tissue, thus stopping the high-pressure back-flow of blood through the varicose vein and so reduce the swelling.

To encourage the flow of blood from the leg and to prevent the slight risk of any extensive clotting of stagnant blood within the veins of the leg, you will be instructed to walk briskly at least 3 miles (5 kilometres) every day, starting with the day of treatment.

Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) has become treatment of choice of varicose veins. The laser pulse, from the latest 1470 nm laser fiber, is of a very short duration and destroys the veins from the inside. The vein is then removed by the body's immune system. There may be some reaction to the laser for the first 24 hours, with redness at the site, but this resolves quite quickly. This treatment is given on an out-patient basis and does not require any general anaesthesia. Mild sedation may be given in the case of patient anxiety. The patient is made to walk immediately after EVLT and is then discharged.

The use of the 1470 nm laser fiber has ensured minimal patient discomfort and superior results.

Advantages of EVLT & foam sclerotherapy:                                                

  • High success rate
  • No hospital stay, day care procedure
  • Performed under local anesthesia, no general anesthesia required
  • Highly affective, safe & simple to perform
  • Early return to normal activities
  • Possible complications of EVLT & Sclerotherapy
  • As with any proceedure that is performed, EVLT and foam sclerotherapy also have their inherent risks and benefits. The possible complications of the procedure may be due to various factors. 

    In general, the potential complications, are:

  • Pigmentation of the skin
  • Mild pain / discomfort 
  • Infection
  • Recanalisation of the vein
  • Deep vein thrombosis, etc.

Most of the complications are transient and daily exercise / walking, weight loss etc., as prescribed, will help resolve most of them. In severe cases, treatment of the specific complication may be required. These complications can occur in inexperienced hands with poor ultrasound scanning technique. A typed Treatment & Discharge Card detailing the treatment given and the follow up instructions, along with the investigation reports and bills, are provided immediately after EVLT, to all patients and the provisions therein are explained to the patient. Post procedure follow up, as advised, is very important in ensuring a happy outcome

We have not had any significant complications in our clinic.

EVLT is a safe gold standard procedure with a high success rate.