Vampire Facelift has made a medical revolutionary breakthrough that excites everybody, as you give them the power to bring back youthfulness. The Vampire Facelift procedure uses patient's own blood to rejuvenate facial features and unlike other types of treatment it also drastically improves skin tone and texture in only three fast and safe steps. 

Now, Step One we begin by creating a beautiful and natural shape by injecting hyaluronic acid filler in a very specific way to sculpt a younger appearance while still keeping in mind the natural features. 

Step Two is where the magic happens. We remove two teaspoons of blood from the patient, then we place the blood into a centrifuge, a state of the art machine which isolates platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The centrifuge will activate the platelets causing it to release eight growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissues in.  

Step Three using a numbing cream applying it at small and mine over the facial areas. A very small needle is injected into the facial area using a particular method. These growth factors will then activate multipotent cells and trick them into thinking that there has been an injury. So naturally generating new younger tissue to give back your skin a young and beautiful appearance. The best part of it is it only takes ten minutes to complete.