Everyone's heard their share of sex myths, especially during their teenage years. Unfortunately, some myths might persist into adulthood too, affecting the way we relate to our sexual lives.

Discussing about 'sex' makes a number of individuals frown and embarrassed, especially among people at large. This is because a number of people still consider sex to be a taboo. Moreover, people who perceive myths about sex believe the fact that sex-talks shouldn’t be carried out openly. 

No discussion about sex creates a lot of confusion about the same. Hence, to clear this confusion, we debunk some of the most widespread misconceptions about sex and sexual activities in this article.

Following are the top 7 myths about sex busted along with actual facts:

1. Bigger penis equals better sex: 

Penises come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The idea that bigger penis leads to better sex is nothing but a hoax. What really makes sex better is the compatibility and openness you share with your partner.

Also, some consider that bending of the penis affects intercourse. A slight curvature of the shaft of penis is perfectly normal and does not harm the sexual intercourse.

2. Sex is painful:

One of the most common myths about sex is that it is a painful activity. However, as a matter of fact, sex is a feel-good thing – even if you are having it for the first time. Thus, you must not get carried away with this myth.

3. You cannot get pregnant on your first time:

Sexologist explains that pregnancy occurs when sperm comes in contact with and fertilize the egg. While only one egg is released by the female body per month, ejaculation carries around 200 million sperms. And it only takes a single sperm to fertilize the egg. The best by which you can prevent pregnancy is by using protection. 

4. Masturbation is harmful: 

Masturbation is not a harmful activity and is very healthy and safe as long as the person doing it feels good about it. Masturbation has become a very common and normal activity among people. While some people masturbate regularly, others keep themselves away from it. However, too much of masturbation has its own side-effects.

5. Men are more sexually aggressive and women are less interested in sex:

The statistics based on interviews of couples show that gone are the days when 'demanding sex' was considered exclusively a man's forte. Today women demand sex more often than men. Typically younger women are less expressive about their need for sex, as they might be naive and inexperienced. But the female libido increases and women become more expressive and vocal about their cravings as they age. 

6. You won't get pregnant if you have sex while menstruating: 

It is unlikely that a women will get pregnant while menstruating but it is possible. Sperms can stay alive in the vagina for several days, especially if you have a shorter cycle.

7. Women take much longer to become sexually aroused:

Men typically get aroused by sex talks or a few minutes of foreplay. Women could typically get aroused by mere anticipation of being intimate with a potential mate and the right foreplay. In a committed relationship like a long-term marriage, the partners are hard-wired for each other, the moment there is a well-sought opportunity, the partners are ready.

Remember, there are many more myths regarding sex that are always circulating around. It is best to visit or talk to a sexologist to have your doubts cleared. What is most important is that individuals who indulge in sex must do so with full consent and feel good about the idea of discussing or having safe sex.