Be Fit by FATS & OILS - Please note that omega -6 fatty acid based oils are always very essential for all. Although Omega -3 fatty acids based oils/fat are also required in a particular proportion.This information Is very important,  mainly for cardiac patients.You therefore go for unsaturated ones like mustard oil,sunflower oil as liquid fats not saturated fats like Butter,Ghee,Margarine.  

Be Fit by EXERCISES - Do you know, along with proper diet some basic EXERCISE is how important?

Basic Exercises means simple walking 2-4 kms or light cycling for half an hour. If you are going to Gym for body building then you need  more work out free hand as well as instrumental.

There are some immediate benefits once you practice doing exercises:

1. Increases HDL cholesterol i.e good cholesterol.
2. Makes heart more stronger
3. Reduces Blood pressure.
4. Increase bone density i.e calcium deposition & help for old age.
5. Lot of energetic & happy,dynamic enough rather no depression.
6. Can maintain excess belly fat ..i.e your tummy which is always a reason of good jokes by public.
7. Maintain your skin & skin color ,freshness of eyes, avoiding hairs for being fallen & more like these.

Your Daily Nutrition &  Low Cost Diet at home

Your meal should contain per day all the nutrients in just required amount (may be a bit more/less) & in proper proportions. Normally a person needs 50-55% carbohydrate + 10 -15% protein + 20-25% both visible fats like oil added from outside during cooking & invisible like some fats already present inside the foods/ingredients eaten by you regularly.

For example: if you are a 60 kg. Man then you need 2300 kcal/day energy. Now you have take 300gm carbohydrate like rice/roti + 60 gm protien like fish/egg (animal) soya/dal/rajmah etc.(plant) + 25gm visible fat (cooking oil) along with 600mg/d calcium & 17gm iron within normal foods. Pl note. All calculated per day within your taken food. And for woman: 55kg by same age - 1900kcam/d energy where she needs - 240gm cho + 55gm pro.+ 20gm visible fat along with little more calcium & iron.

For gastric problems in general you take water after 5 mins of your each meal. Take fresh water,plenty fruits & max servings of vegetables,sour curd around daily - its really helpful.

Wish you all a healthy life