The major epidemic the world and young populations- kids and adults are facing is the neck pain arising not due to wear and tear in the joints but due to inadequate postures.

With more and more introduction of gadgets in everyday life dependence on mobile gadgets have taken a toll on the joint structure of the neck. 

People are reversing the natural curvature of the cervical spine by acquiring a posture similar to Turtles while working on mobiles. This change is very detrimental for the entire body's biomechanics and the major reason for disc degeneration observed in younger folks.

The Natural lordosis of the cervical spine reverses into straightening of the spine or into kyphosis, which causes an increase in pressure on the disc.

One has to lessen the time spent being online and work towards adopting healthy postures and lifestyle.

Turtlenecks and pain in the neck:

Text necks: Turtlenecks. Are your gadgets wrecking your postures?

Postural correction and adapting the work ergonomics 

It's very much beneficial to be focussed on observing one's posture in the mirror at times and seek adequate professional help by consulting a qualified physiotherapist who can help correct acquired incorrect postures and also work towards advising on the healthy work ergonomics.

Heal your aches and pains

Seeking help sooner helps saves time spent in correcting the wrong postures.