With increased pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and use of chemical containing hair products people are experiencing hair problems like hair fall, hair loss, dull hair, premature graying and dandruff. Everybody wants flawless hair. Let me get this straight, good hair can boost someone’s confidence and looks remarkably and bad, dull and damaged hair can lower the self-esteem. So here are some useful tips to have great hair without spending much money and time on Hair Salons and Spas.


Common Reasons for hair damage.

There are so many reasons for hair damage like Stress, Pollution, Dirt, Chemicals used in hair products, hair-ironing and lack of hair nutrition. These causes nutritional deficiency in the roots of hair which leads to hair loss and other types of hair damage.Switch to organic and natural things that are easily available to stop further damage to the hair and promote hair growth and health.Here are few natural ways to take care of your hair.

Nutrition for the hair.

 The road to healthy and good-looking hair starts from having good Nutrition. Hair is one of the most under nourished part of our body. It is essential to have good nutrition to have a healthy body and hair. Most of the times unhealthy hair is due to under nourished body. Proteins, Vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E) and Minerals play a very important role in having healthy hair.

1.High Protein Diet:Eat Food rich in proteins. Some sources of good protein are Fish, Lean meat, Chicken, Eggs, Unpolished Lentils, Soybeans.High protein diet helps in repair of the damaged hair,promotes hair growth and gives the hair gloss and bounce.food-salad-healthy-vegetables-medium

2.Vitamins for hair:Eat food that is rich in vitamins like green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits or you can take vitamin supplements also.

Vitamin A:Eat plenty of Fish liver oil, Liver, Milk, Egg yolk, Spinach, lettuce, Turnip, Almonds and other dry fruits as these are good sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B complex:It helps to stop premature graying, promotes hair growth.Yeast, whole grain, lentils, milk, green-leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds are some sources of vitamin B complex.

Vitamin C:It reduces stress and harmful effects of the chemicals on the hair.Citrus fruits, berries, vegetable, Tomatoes are rich sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E:Vitamin E play a very important part in hair growth by increasing blood circulation around hair roots, hence delivering essential nutrients needed for growth and give defense against harmful effects of pollution.

3. Essential Minerals for hair:

Sulphur:It helps in ejecting the waste out of the body and makes the hair glossy.Foods containing Sulphur are radish, carrots, cheese, fish, and eggs.

Zinc:It is very important for skin and hair health. Lack of zinc in the diet can result in hair loss.Milk, liver, whole grains, nuts and seeds are good sources of Zinc in the food.

(Tip:The natural sources of nutrition should be preferred,if not possible,one can also take multivitamins and minerals available in the market.)

 Apply these directly to the scalp.

1.Apple Cider Vinegar.Apply good quality organic Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water after organic shampoo and rinse the hair.

2.Onion Juice.Apply raw onion juice to the scalp for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off after organic shampoo.

3.Raw Eggs. Mix raw eggs in a bowl whisk nicely and apply on the scalp. It may stink a little but it is the best source of proteins for your damaged hair. It repairs the roots of the damaged hair and gives them a glossy texture.food-eggs-medium.

4.Henna, Shikakai, Ritha paste.Powder Henna, Shikakai and Ritha in a grinder. Add green tea extract and mix gently to make a paste. Apply this paste to the scalp and roots of the hair. Let it rest for half an hour and rinse with water.(For green tea extract, boil green tea for 5 minutes and let it cool down to room temperature. Use it to make the paste).

 Natural and Organic Hair Oil Massage.

Massaging the scalp of the head with natural and organic oils provides much-needed nutrition to the hair roots and combats damaged hair.(Important Tip: To get the best results the oil should reach the roots of the scalp.)

Following are some easily available natural oils that could be used for massaging the scalp. You can select from these whatever oil is easily available to you.

1.Olive oil.Olive oil has anti oxidants which helps in the growth of hair. Regular use of olive oil can limit the loss of hair.

2.Castor Oil.Castor Oil provides nourishment, helps fighting dandruff.

3.Jojoba Oil.Jojoba Oil increases the circulation in the scalp so that hairs get most nutrition.

4.Vitamin E Oil.

Vitamin E oil has Very rich anti oxidant content, which stops hair fall and promotes growth.Vitamin E oil is easily available in the supermarket or one can get Vitamin E oil by cutting  and squeezing some Vitamin E Capsules.

5.Bhringraj Oil.

Bhringraj has been used for hair related problems like hair fall and premature graying for thousands of years in India. It has excellent results. It would not have survived for thousand years without having good results, common sense.

Tip: One can try to mix these oils. Heat the oil mix by placing the oil bowl in the water pan, so that the oil does not heat up directly. Make sure that the oil is not too hot.

Note: If the mixture of these oils does not suit you then you can get back to single oil therapy.

Protection of the Hair

If you have done things mentioned above you should have great hair by now.It is very important to protect the hair from dirt,pollution,sun,chemical containing harmful hair products.