While we are locked down at home and are filled with uncertainty and anxiety, a great way to cheer yourself and maximize on this period is to reboot your long-lost hobby. Many of us have gone back to revive our hobbies like reading, painting or mastering an instrument. Maintaining a wrong posture while performing these hobbies can cause neck and back pain and leave you with an unpleasant experience. Dr. Bhavin Shial brings to you some tips to maintain a good posture so that you enjoy your hobby without worrying about the pain. 


1. Reading: Hold the book in the hand so that you do not lean down or forward to read. Maintain an upright posture whether you are reading while sitting on a chair or bed. If you sitting on the bed and reading, then use a pillow on the lap and a wedge pillow for your back to give maximum support to your neck and back. If you are reading on your mobile, bring the phone to your eye level so that you do not have to strain your neck while looking down at the phone.

2. Playing Piano or keyboard: Ensure that your feet are rested flat on the ground and a right-angled position is maintained by the bent of your hips and knees. Place the piano bench in the center of the width of the piano so that you do not have to stretch to reach the edges. Sit towards the front half of the bench while keeping the weight centered on your hips. Keep the shoulders and arms relaxed and the back straight.

3. Drawing or Painting: Activities like drawing can make you highly engrossed without realizing the stress that your neck and back are going through.  Begin with a good posture to reduce the stress on the neck, shoulders, and back. Sit straight and forward in your chair so that you do not have to lean forward while drawing. Do not rest your back on the backrest of the chair while drawing. Ensure that your feet are placed completely on the floor and your knees and hips have a bent at the right-angled position. Use an angled drawing surface and good lighting to avoid hunching while you draw.  Most importantly, do not forget to take breaks and walk around at intervals of 45 – 60 mins.