Some tips for drinking juices ( fruits or vegetables) Juices made of fruits or     vegetables should be fresh and consumed within 20 min of its making. It should not be gulped, had with a spoon slowly or small gulps mixing with the saliva. The digestive juice which the saliva contains helps to digest sugar contained in the juice. So the juice which goes into the stomach is digested within 20 to 25 min. When juices are consumed for health or cure of diseases don’t add sugar, pepper or salt. since these condiments affect the nutrients of the juice. Instead add some lemon juice or any fruit juice. In Tinned juices the vitamin c content of a carrot juice would be 2 mg and of a fresh carrot juice would be 8 mg. so avoid tinned juices.Some good combination of juices provides vitamins and minerals to the body 1. Orange and mosambi – 1 cup of orange juice  & 1 cup of Mosambi juice .Add some ice enjoy the drinks 2. Pineapple and grapes – 1 cup of pineapple juice, 1 cup of grapes juice mix add honey and enjoy. 3. Carrot Tomato spinach -3 carrot, 100 grm spinach, 2 tomato, add lime a few drops Blend all 3 vegetables add some lime . rock salt if required. 4.  A nice mocktail- ½ pineapple juice, mosambi1 cup juice, 1 apple juice.Mix all add some ice and enjoy the drink.