What are the precautions to be followed by those with fits

At Home

  1. Take tablets regularly
  2. Don't change tablets or reduce dose without the advice of the doctor
Always have one-week stock of tablets at home
  • Don't wait till all tablets are exhausted to buy replacements
  • Buy the tablets when you have adequate stock at home
  • If you have other conditions like diabetes or hypertension, please consult your family doctor for those and take the relevant treatment promptly
  • Avoid excess sugars and excess carbohydrates
  • In a small paper, write your name, name of your diseases, details of drugs taken, name and contact details of family members, name and contact details of family physician. It is better to type these and laminate this paper. Keep this paper in your pocket always
  • Take bath daily. Head bath is allowed. But don't lock bathroom or toilet from inside
  • Don't use electric equipment inside bathroom
  • Don't lock door from inside
  • Change all locks in your home to the kinds which can be opened both ways
  • If you are wearing specs, change your lenses to the plastic, relatively unbreakable ones
  • Avoid glass articles and other easily breakable articles in your home as much as possible and use plastic articles
  • While cooking, keep the handles of the utensils away from you. So that, in case you get an episode of fits while cooking, your hand does not hit the handle and the hot contents pour towards you
  • If you develop fits or headache or vomiting or double vision, call 108 and come to government hospital or nearest private hospitals which can manage this condition
  • At Office

    1. Inform your condition to your superiors and colleagues 
    2. Give a copy of the sheet mentioned in point 8 above to them
    3. Avoid handling sharp equipment


    1. Unless your doctor has specifically permitted you, don't drive
    2. Don't take bath in rivers, ponds, swimming pools, falls, without a known person (who is good at swimming) nearby.


    1. Maintain a diary where you record the date and time of fits. Google Calendar / your mobile calendar app can also be used. But please sync the data and don't keep that in your mobile alone
    2. Have proper sleep. Sleep on time
    3. Avoid factors which precipitate fits
    4. Some will get fits if they don't sleep properly. Such people should have proper sleep
    5. Some will get fits on seeing sparking lights. They have to avoid that
    6. If you develop fits or headache or vomiting or double vision, call 108 and come to Government Hospital or nearest private hospitals which can manage this conditions