Dear Readers,

This tip could be of help to you or your near dear ones.

Winter Coryza (Cold): Sneezing,running nose,watery discharge from nose is most common complaint in children and adults in winters.

Health Tip: Take appx 30-40 ml water,add 6to10 fresh tulsi leaves ,boil the water.Cool it to a comfortable temperature,add few drops of honey and drink.(If possible you can chew the leaves).It strengthens immunity,fights infections,reduces attacks of bronchitis,cough/cold and fevers.

Homoeopathic Help: Aconite 30* is of great help till you consult your homoeopath.Take 5-6 pills of Aconite 30 three times a day for appx 5 days (or till you can meet your homoeopath).Aconite 30 gives effective results for Cough and Cold due to changing climate or dry cold climate.

Note: *Remedy suggested is not to be repeated as self medication.It helps in giving relief and to arrest the stage of acute cold.Kindly consult your registered homoeopathic physician for further advise.