Work at home or in the office may get stressful and exhausting sometimes. During the hustle bustle of life to move ahead, you tend to spend less quality time with your partner and family.

Time Management is the art of planning and executing it by having control over the time taken up by activities or the tasks for the betterment. It’s not only for business or work activities but may include for personal activities as well.


Structure your work for the day according to the priority by waking up early in the morning.

Manage to save time from your work to give some qualitative time to your spouse or family or do some extra activities like some sport or hobby.

Shopping on weekdays may make you tired. So, make a list of your errands and keep it for the weekends.

Do not mishandle your problems at work and home. This mixing of troubles may become stressful for you.

Try doing multiple tasks at the same time. This will save time if done productively.

Try planning your task like what to wear or cook the night before. This will save time the next day.

It is difficult to say no to people. But when you have a lot on your shoulders to manage by saying yes you will end up doing half of what you could. One should learn to say NO when the time is not right.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from family or friends when you have a bag full of workload.

Managing time is essential but without having faith in oneself no work can be done productively. One should be optimistic about themselves in handling the various tasks.

Keep track of your deadlines and do not leave important things for the last day. It might consume your time more when kept for last and make you mentally and physically exhausted.

Spend some ME time. After working hard the whole week, you may keep an hour or so for yourself. Try to relax and do things which rejuvenate.

Organize everything so that in an emergency you do not have to make your world go topsy-turvy.

You may set reminders for important meetings on your smart-phones Try to use the opportunity of the technology these days. You may save a lot of time like by shopping online; online pay bills.


Planning and timing your day before will help you reach for the task on time without any rushing and confusion. This may save you a little extra time.

You may share your schedule with your partner for the next day as you have it planned. This helps the partner to know what you must be doing and when to call you up. Some efforts are needed to take time out from your busy week and spend with your partner. You may do things which you love.

If you know the schedule of your partner and see some time free, you may surprise him/her and go out for coffee or lunch during the day.

Try to take help from your spouse in household chores. He may help you with looking after children with their school work.

Once in a while, you may plan for a vacation together away from the hectic schedule.

As a couple one may share the common interest. You may pick up classes together.

Take some time out to meet your friends. If you and your partner have different friends then you may take your partner a few times and spend time together with them.

Have some time for yourself. Give some space to your partner in a day. You may take up reading, painting, spa time; it can be anything which makes you relax and calm.

Try not to indulge the whole day working. Keep time for what you love.

During night try going to bed together. This helps the couple to share things and sleep together.

Fix the time for a meal in the day where the whole family sits down together to have a meal.