Have you been contemplating quitting tobacco? Not only smoking, but even chewable tobacco is equally addictive and harmful. 

Here are some easy tips to get you on the way to achieve your goal of having a Tobacco-free life:

  1. WILL POWER: Everything in life depends on how badly you want it. Once you set your mind to something, impossible is nothing.
  2. SET A QUIT DATE: Setting a specific date (e.g your birthday, child's birthday) and going cold turkey is the best way. May not help some, for which try the next step.
  3. SEEK HELP: Do not be ashamed of speaking to your psychiatrist for both counselling and medication to help boost this process. Nicotine is addictive and you may need some help to quit.
  4. Make a CHART: Chart how many cigarettes you smoke and the most common timings. Quit the easiest cigarette first. e.g. the one that you smoke in the evening when you are idle and have nothing to do. Cross that one off, and after two days, cross another regular timing off. For e.g. – post meal. Gradually over a few weeks, you can see those crosses and feel happy.
  5. EXERCISE: Open those lungs up and repair the damage.
  6. MEDITATION and HYPNOSIS: Both help with increasing your willpower and sticking to your resolution. After all, it is mind over body.
  7. Nicotine replacement methods: Chewing gums, lozenges, pastilles, patches are available in the market. Use them as per a doctor’s directives only.
  8. Desi methods: Craving? Try chewing on an elaichi (cardamom), or a laung (clove) to distract yourself.
  9. BUST THE BIGGEST MYTH: Many smokers and tobacco chewers are convinced that they can not have a regular bowel movement (motions) without their daily fix. This is absolutely a myth and needs to be addressed by a good doctor. If you do have constipation, it will mostly last a few days at maximum. There are many methods to avoid this as well.
  10. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU: Both active and passive smoking is bad. Help yourselves and your loved ones. Last but not the least, protect the environment.

I would be happy to answer any queries you have related to Tobacco addiction.